News from ServiceMaster by Ayotte

On March 19, 2018

3 Areas to Deep Clean This Spring

It's the first day of Spring! Start the season off on a fresh foot. For the best results, the experts in residential cleaning at ServiceMaster Clean® recommend that you start your Sprin Cleaning checklist with the following three areas:


One area you definitely need to clean thoroughly  is your fridge. If your refrigerator saw lots of holiday foods and leftovers packed on the shelves, there’s a good chance you’ll find some turkey gravy lingering in a crevice, or some dried cranberry sauce stuck to a wall. Since refrigerator cleanliness is important for maintaining food safety, you need to address these "leftovers" right away.

To effectively clean your fridge, remove all the food along with the interior shelves and drawers. Scrub each surface with hot soapy water, and rinse thoroughly. Dry all surfaces, shelves, and drawers thoroughly before placing back into the fridge to reduce the risk of mold growth. Then, replace any food that has not expired. Expired food should be thrown out.


Carpets are magnets for allergens, dust, and the dirt that gets dragged in with wet winter weather. While routine vacuuming may help with your carpet's overall appearance, most household vacuums will not provide the deep cleaning your home needs after a busy winter. Deep cleaning your carpets and area rugs will not only keep these items looking their best, but also help reduce allergens and other risks to indoor air quality so you can start the new season fresh.

For the most convenience and best results, use a professional cleaning service to deep clean carpet and rugs and other flooring surfaces throughout your home. After your carpets are deeply cleaned, you’ll be able to experience a fresh-smelling home and a healthier environment for you, your family, and even your pets to enjoy.


Bathrooms need routine cleaning, but they also need a good, deep clean from time to time – especially at the peak of cold and flu season. In addition to cleaning the bathroom floor, toilet, sink, and tub, you’ll want to launder your window curtains or shades, shower curtain, and bath mats.

While tackling the bathroom portion of your checklist, be sure to scrub down walls and other furnishings like built-in armoires or vanities. Take time to clean toothbrush holders and other containers that hold soap and other toiletries. This level of deep cleaning will ensure that your bathroom is effectively sanitized and help you identify mold risks or other problem areas that need to be addressed.


If you find yourself needing help with your Deep Cleaning, DEMAND THE YELLOW VAN, and let the cleaning experts at ServiceMaster by Ayotte come to your rescue.