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On September 12, 2017

4 Ways to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Are you having your carpets cleaned in the next few days? Then it's time to do a little prep work to make sure the process goes smoothly for you, the cleaners and your carpet. We suggest doing prep work the night before or a few hours in advance of the scheduled cleaning. Don't worry though, a little bit of prep goes a long way towards making the process seamless. 

1. Vacuum

A thorough vacuum should be done  just before the cleaning. It's important to make sure you get the baseboards, HVAC registers and any cobwebs lingering in corners -both on the floor and near the ceiling. You want to remove any standing dust or dirt that could get on your carpet.

2. Know where stains, spots and high traffic areas are.c170830_SMbyA_006.jpg

You know best where liquids have been spilled, gum stuck and paint dripped. Be sure to have a list and be ready to show the cleaning technician. Similarly, be aware of high traffic areas (where carpet is matted down and has more wear) and be able to point them out as well.

3. Remove furniture and breakable items.

Carpet needs to be cleared of furniture and breakable items. Having the carpet cleared ensures your fragile items are safe and that the technician can do a thorough cleaning. If you have kids, take an extra moment to pick up Legos and other small tripping hazards. If you have long drapes or curtains, pin them up at least 2 feet off the carpet. If you have a large piece of furniture with a skirt or fabric that touches the carpet, be sure to pin that up as well.

4. Make sure children and pets are off the carpet.

For the safety of your children, make sure they are engaged elsewhere under supervision or out for the day. It's also a best practice to secure pets away from the rooms that will be cleaned.

 Once you've done the prep work, it's time for the cleaning!


  • The length and time of a carpet cleaning can vary by room size and carpet condition.
  • Have questions ready and don't be afraid to check in with your technician about the cleaning.

Reach out ServiceMaster Clean with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We back our work up with 60+ years of industry expertise and a passion for excellence and customer service.

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