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On September 16, 2019

How to Prepare for a Tornado

We are coming up on the anniversary of when the devastating tornados struck our area. We at  ServiceMaster by Ayotte wanted to share with you a few tips on how to stay safe and be prepared if disaster strikes. 

How to be prepared:  

  • Keep new batteries and a battery-operated TV, radio, or internet-enabled device to listen to emergency weather information 
  • Have a tornado emergency plan to access a “safe shelter” for yourself and others in your home  
  • Prepare an emergency kit in advance. Including water, non-perishable food, and medication.  
  • Make a list of valuable information, including telephone numbers. 

How to stay safe:  

  • Watch the skies: you want to look for a dark or green-colored sky, a large, dark, low-lying cloud, large hail, or a roar that sounds like a freight train. 
  • If disaster strikes your area, the first thing to do is get yourself, family, and pets to the basement or your safe shelter area. On your way down make sure you grab your emergency kit (unless it is stored downstairs), some warmer clothes and shoes.  
    • If you cannot quickly access a shelter, Immediately get into your vehicle and try to drive to the closest shelter. Remember to buckle your seat belts.  
    • Remember always to stay away from bridge and highway overpasses. These may seem like strong points, but they can very quickly crash down.  
    • If strong winds and flying debris occur while you are driving, pull over, and park. Keep your seat belt on with the engine running. Tuck your head below the windows, and cover your head with your hands and/or a blanket.  

We hope that these few safety tips will help you and your loved ones stay safe in case of dangerous weather. If a disaster strikes your home, your family’s lives are disrupted. All you want to do is get everything back to normal and as quickly as possible. 

That’s where ServiceMaster by Ayotte, Faribault, and Owatonna come in. Our technicians are trained, equipped, and ready to restore your home after any disaster, from water in the basement to fire and smoke damage in the kitchen. We are here for you! 

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