News from ServiceMaster by Ayotte

On January 04, 2018

Meet our team -- Lisa Hurtgen

Lisa is our Project Manager. She started with ServiceMaster by Ayotte in 2005, she just celebrated 12 years with the team! Her daughter, Ashley, is 23 and is soon to be a beautician. Her son, Nick, is 27 and works locally for Target Corporation. Lisa has lived in Northfield for the last 10 years. In her spare time, Lisa loves to read and hunt.

We sat down with Lisa and asked her a few questions.

What is your role within ServiceMaster by Ayotte?
"Scheduling the Disaster Restoration, commercial jobs and special projects."

A typical duty of Lisa’s is handling a call that comes in (maybe the homeowner is crying) and they have just experienced water damage. The dishwasher has flooded the kitchen. Lisa represents the homeowner in a claim (water job) she goes between the agent, the adjuster, the homeowner and our team to make sure the claim is handled in an efficient manner. She also goes out on inspections.

What got you started in this industry?
She was a manager for a collection agency and wanted a different path. She had a misconception about ServiceMaster – she assumed it was more about dirty carpets than Disaster Restoration. She is excited she made the move to this industry. No one job is ever the same. There is always variety and she gets to learn something new everyday.

What were you most surprised to learn about when starting out?
“That most people don’t understand the services that we actually provide. Duct cleaning, Disaster Restoration (DR), etc.”

 What is your favorite part of the job?
“I love being able to help the homeowners through disasters. Making a homeowner see the bright side, because there is always a bright side.” Lisa witnesses both the “before’s” and the “after’s”. She has seen a lot and knows how bad things can get, but she also knows how well ServiceMaster can fix it.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?
“That I used to be an avid hunter and loved shooting on a skeet and trap shooting league.”