News from ServiceMaster by Ayotte

On April 15, 2018

Protecting Your Business Inventory From Water Damage

Spring brings with it many joys, especially for those of us in the Upper Midwest who’ve just “survived” another long winter.  It also brings water, and a lot of it.  Which is fine, until it starts seeping into our buildings and basements.

When water gets into your house it presents a problem, when it gets into your business is means double trouble.  Inventory damaged by water creates a mess and oftentimes a loss of profit. 

It needs to be dealt with immediately so any items stored in the effected areas have the best chance of being recovered.  If you have water in your facility right now, take advantage of our training and expertise and let us get you back to “business as usual” as soon as possible.  Contact us here.

To reduce and prevent future damage:

  1. Keep inventory off the floor, even a few inches generally helps. For a low cost solution, use old pallets.
  2. Place smaller items in heavy-duty plastic storage bins. Keep in mind that the most vulnerable point of access on the bin is the crevice between the bin and the lid.  Consider adding a rubber strip to the top of the bin where the lid attaches or reinforce the seal with tape (for longer term storage).
  3. Pay attention to what is happening outside. If possible, routinely clean drains and downspouts of nature’s debris – leaves, abandoned nests, and other vegetation.

 Taking a few simple steps can limit liabilities and unexpected expenses and maybe even increase your profit margin.